The guesthouse is situated on the privately owned, historic La Terra de Luc estate in Franschhoek, South Africa. The famous Franschhoek Mountains form a breath-taking scenic backdrop to the estate and the surrounding vineyards and orchards. Enjoy an exclusive undisturbed stay at this relaxing haven, comprising six private en-suite bedrooms. Sit at your patio contemplating the magical surroundings while time idles by or enjoy reading in the guest lounge.


Franschhoek showcases an outstanding array of leisure and recreational activities. The village is encircled by a number of South Africa's award-winning wine farms, each offering delightful wine-tastings and insightful guided tours. Dubbed the "Gourmet Capital of South Africa", Franschhoek boasts cuisine that ranges from gastronomically gourmet to deconstructed rustic, made from the freshest produce of the valley and complemented by wonderful local wines. Spend some time exploring the charming village centre. The main road is always buzzing, lined by tempting boutiques, galleries and other specialist stores. The Franschhoek Valley also offers settings perfect for the energetic - hiking, cycling, horse riding, fly fishing and golf.


After the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in France in 1685, when Protestantism was outlawed, hundreds of so-called Huguenots fled their homeland, 277 of them arriving by ship at the Cape of Good Hope. Many were given land by the Dutch government in a valley called Oliphantshoek (Elephant Corner), so named because of the vast herds of elephants that roamed the area. Soon after the Huguenots settled here, the area became known as Franschhoek (French Corner). The heritage lives on today with the Huguenot Monument standing proudly at the top of the village. The museum nearby chronicles the history of those brave pioneers.

Linger a while and savour the hospitality, ambience and sheer beauty of the enchanting tapestry that is Franschhoek.

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